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Age of Sparta Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Age of Sparta (AoS) is a base-building RTS with a split-screen battle framework. You may be acquainted with this repairman on the off chance that you have played recreations like World at Arms (another awesome technique diversion by Gameloft) and Empires & Allies (Facebook). In any case, AoS conveys extra elements to it and makes gameplay more agreeable.

Age of Sparta acquires some gameplay components from Clash of Clans. These incorporate Invading adversary region and plundering assets. How you deal with your troops, assemble structures and extend your domain relies on upon the assets you have. You can procure them by winning crusade and PvP fights.

These tips and traps will help you devise a decent technique to thrashing adversaries in both player versus player fights and story mode:
In Age of Sparta, you can evolve your basic units into powerful warriors with the help of “Fusion”. Before fusing, train 2 units of the same type. Tap on a military building (Grounds of Ares) and select a troop that you want to train. You will need to spend coins for each training session. It will take around 20 seconds to train a unit. Repeat the training session for the same unit. Now you have two units of the same type. To check the number of units of the same type, go to Tools > Stash > Units. 

Once you have created two units of the same type, just tap on “Fusion”. On the Fusion screen, you will see different unit types. The number on the top-right corner shows how many units you have trained. Example: The number 2 on the top-right corner of Slingers shows that there are 2 units of the same type. Now tap on the Slingers icon twice to add them to the empty slots above and press the green button. You will have to spend coins to complete the fusion procedure. You now have Level II Slingers. 

Try and experiment with the Fusion process. You can combine two level II Slingers to create level III units. 

Build More Income Buildings 

Income buildings such as wheat farm, vineyard and tavern generate revenue, which can be used to train soldiers, purchase buildings and boosters. Don’t forget to tap on income buildings whenever you see a coin icon above them. Always have 2-3 income buildings of the same type to increase revenue. Don’t forget to place boosters close to these buildings for bonus coins. 

Your headquarters is also a good source of revenue, but it will take time to generate a substantial amount of gold. You don’t have to wait that longer. Just tap on your headquarters and tap on "collect" after 10-15 minutes to get 300-400 coins. If you have patience, then wait for an hour or two to get more than 1K coins. 

Extra Tips

1. There are different types of military buildings. Some are training grounds to recruit and train foot soldiers and air units, whereas others provide ”Gods” or hero units. There are some buildings that train soldiers at a reduced price i.e. soldiers are train by spending fewer coins. 

2. Faith Buildings generate “energy”, which is used in battles. You will need energy if you want to fight PvP and campaign battles. Energy can also be used to purchase buildings like the Sanctuary of Gods. Build more Faith buildings and place them near boosters to increase energy collection. 

3. Completing quests and constructing buildings generate XP, which can help you level up your avatar. You can also earn XP by battling enemies in the campaign and PvP mode. Leveling up unlocks additional buildings and troops. So complete quests, build structures, participate in PvP battles and story mode, defeat enemies and earn more XP. 

4. Earn Social currency (handshake icon) by defeating human players in PvP battles. You can use it to purchase elite troops like Gorgons. Elite troops are special troops that are stronger than basic units. You can’t purchase them with gold coins.  

5. A win against a human opponent lets you invade and steal their resources. These resources can be anything from income buildings to enemy HQ. If it’s an income building, then choose the one that provides more gold. 

6. Having God units alongside regular units boosts their attack and defense stats by 25 percent. To have a God unit by your side, build a Sanctuary of Gods (Requires Faith).
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